Dermalogica Specialised Facial

Dermalogica is a state of the art skin care system utilising the latest ingredient technologies to target specific skin conditions.

Mini Focus Facial

A quick fix facial to leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant.

30 mins $89

Serenity Facial

With a focus on skin health, this facial will leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and fresh using products specifically matched to your skin.

60 mins $115

AGE Smart® Facial Treatment

An ideal treatment for anyone concerned with premature aging, sun damage, dry or mature skin. Vitamins A, C & E with Hydroxy Acids work by exfoliating and stimulating cell renewal. Followed by an intensive firming anti-oxidant serum and Dermalogica’s famous contouring mask. You will receive a face and shoulder massage during the treatment combined with anti-aging day and eye creams to repair and nourish.

60 mins $150

Skin Brightening Treatment

Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment.

60 mins $150

MediBac® Clearing Facial Treatment

This deep cleansing facial will clear congestion, detoxify the skin and soothe redness.

60 mins $150

UltraCalming Facial Treatment

A soothing and calming treatment that helps boost the immune function of the skin. Reduces redness and offers long lasting relief for sensitive skin.

60 mins $150

Eye Rescue

This targeted treatment brightens, firms and rejuvenates instantly. It specifically targets fine dehydration lines, dark circles, puffiness and lack lustre skin.

20 mins $60

ASAP Ultimate Microplus+ Experience

Microdermabrasion comfortably exfoliates the epidermis and polishes the skin while Sonophoresis delivers non-invasive transdermal infusion using soundwaves to allow maximum absorption of active ingredients. This treatments uses Vitamins A, B & C to intensely nourish, regenerate and hydrate most skin types.

60 mins $180