Exfoliation is key to maintaining healthy functioning skin. Your skin naturally reproduces cells and brings new cells to the surface, however as we age this process slows down resulting in an abnormal build up of cells. 

Regular professional peels can:

  • Improve skin smoothness and vitality
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Assist with acne, congestion and blackheads
  • Promote firmer, younger looking skin
  • Stimulate cellular turnover and collagen production
  • Provide an overall benefit to face, neck, hands & feet
  • Minimise the appearance of scarring, sun spots and freckles

We can consult with you to recommend what peel would provide the level of exfoliation required. All skin types will benefit from peels regardless of skin condition, age, gender and ethnic background.

Offering three levels of skin resurfacing to accommodate a wide variety of skin concerns and requirements with no downtime.

Ultrabright Peel $115

Ultra-effective brightening peel featuring 30% Lactic Acid complexed with Rice-derived Phytic Acid, AHA-rich Grape Juice Extract and Mucor Fungal Extract, along with Tangerine Peel, helps to reduce the appearance of early signs of ageing and even skin tone.

• Brightens dull skin
• Minimises the appearance of fine lines 
• Hydrates dry and dull skin

Advanced Renewal Peel $115

Powerful peel with 30% Glycolic Acid and Rice-derived Phytic Acid resurfaces skin to help minimise the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.

• Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation
• Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Even skin tone

PowerClear Peel $115

Potent Salicylic Acid-Mandelic Acid clearing peel with a patented Terpineol-Thymol Complex targets blemishes and visibly diminishes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

• Helps prevent breakouts
• Reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 
• Diminishes excess oil production

Thank you Kendall for another amazing experience! My skin was glowing when I left and feels amazing! In these unprecedented times, you are proof that some things don’t change, that impeccable service still exists and attention to detail is at the forefront when delivering your amazing treatments! Thank you!